Short post: learning experiences so far this week

This is going to be mostly bullet pointed mentions with occasional explanations.

I’ve been doing this for, what? Like five or so days now? I feel like I’ve learned a lot about attempts at consistency and what to do regarding tone and focus.

  • I’m not actually too worried about making my blog(s) into a narrow experience of just my professional efforts, poetry, portfolo, or life events. It will shape itself out over time.
  • It’s good to have this formative period where like maybe 20 people see what I’ve written (across both platforms) per post.
  • Mobile publishing is hard if you want any of the “fancy” stuff like block quotes.
  • Medium on mobile, at least via its app does not let you highlight across paragraphs, meaning I should write content on WordPress first and copy it over to Medium if writing from my phone.
  • Scheduling posts is great.
  • Writing about whatever comes to mind is fine, as long as it’s your rough draft and you explore the idea with some actual aim.
  • Sometimes posts get no attention when they drop but pick up later
  • Twitter is a great way to notify people that you’ve made content automatically.
  • It’s also a good way to contact people.
  • Writing posts that will eventually link up with, overlap slightly with, or bleed into future topics is a good way to keep people reading.
  • Pictures in a post might be less necessary than every platform is telling me they are.
  • Poetry is well suited to either platform but I think I’ll keep it on WordPress if not in a lit mag.
  • The downside of being general in content is that viewers might expect otherwise and be confused when one post is about AI and the next is Christian rock.

More will presumably be added to this list or in another post some time.

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