Me, the author

It’s not a very good story, but…

The reason I started this blog was to be able to showcase my writing beyond just my own social circle, at the suggestion of several people. As time passes, more features may be added, like vignettes from my life (usually absurd stories of very real events), or walkthroughs on my editing process for certain things.

Notes on style and content:

My poems seldom tend to have an actual title to accompany them, so for the sake of organization they are listed by their first line, unless a title is clearly presented. In that case, the poem will not only have a page header, but the title itself will be repeated above the first line.

Essays will feature prominently on this blog. Poetry will be included as well, but as it might be something I hope to publish, and rules regarding publication and online posting are iffy, I’d rather hold off if I can. Though choice ones will make it on, as will links to sites that are otherwise hosting my work, should such a thing occur.

What is happening?

My blog will be largely identical in posts to that of my Medium. My plan there is to have both the Premium Medium Posts and the Patreon gated posts of my work overlap, as a convenience to people who would prefer the content from either source, or if kind enough to contribute financially, have more than one means by which to do so. The idea is that with Patreon, one could directly support me, but at a lower rate, whereas with Medium, once obtains access to a whole host of writers, and technically has no impetus to give me a cent because of it. Medium has the added bonus of letting premium content be limitedly accessible for readers, which works out like a free trial would.

Patreon is not set up yet, as it seems a little… preemptive to make one before I even have an audience of any kind.